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Why I do not use any colour in my Newborn photography (or any other images!)

If someone said to you "describe the colour white" (ok I know technically white isn't a colour but go along with me!) the words that would spring to mind would probably be "pure, innocent, fresh, perfect, new"

If I said to you "describe a newborn baby" the words you used to answer the first question would probably be the same!

I believe that the colour white and newborn babies fit perfectly together- as though they were made for each other!

A simplistic approach to my Newborn photography enables me to focus solely on the baby- they are the whole image. Nothing added- your baby is all that is needed to create a beautiful image. The white colour palette lends itself to the natural essence of a newborn baby

When I first started out as a Newborn photographer I would spend a long time going through google images and pinterest looking at professional Newborn photography for inspiration for my own work. The images that always caught my eye were the pure white ones. I just absolutely love the way they look- aesthetically, it is what my artistic vision likes the look of. It is what I love and makes me happy!

I have always been drawn to a minimalistic style- in every area of creativity. I love looking at minimalist home spaces and the way I have styled my own home is very minimal. Over the past year particularly I have been on a minimalist journey to try and refocus my mindset on what is important- and to let go of what is not. In terms of my photography style, I had to let go of the belief that I needed endless props and bean bag material in every colour to create the "perfect photo". Truth is none of that is needed at all! Just your already perfect newborn. #nothingadded

A clutter free spacious environment makes me feel so much more calm and centred. It makes my mind feel free to be creative. In a way I have to be more creative with my style of photography! Without all the added extras the attention is all on the baby- how the baby is posed, the composition of the shot and the pureness of the white. There are no distractions so everything has to look good- otherwise it is really going to stand out! I ensure I get creative with light, pose, angles and textures to add an element of artistic interest to the image.

all white minimalist newborn photography Peterborough

Even though my bright white airy photographs would beautifully compliment a modern home interior design now- in 50 years time when trends have moved on and something else is modern and fashionable- these images are still going to look classic and timeless. There is nothing in the photo to make it dated or old fashioned.

....which is more than we can say about the newborn baby photos of ourselves that you and I have to look back on I am sure!

What do you think of an all white minimalist style? Is it your cup of tea? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments!

If your local to Peterborough and are due a baby- I would love to photograph your baby! If this is the style you would like your baby to be photographed in- get in touch! Let's arrange your session!

Emma xx

[ Minimalist Maternity, baby and Newborn photographer based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK ]

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