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Things to do it October to feel more prepared for Christmas!

Christmas is EVERYWHERE in the shops from September so you've got two choices here- moan to anyone and everyone you can about it, heck, take it to social media- tell everyone who will listen how outraged you are by this...

“Christmas, before's an outrage!”

“Oh here we go, look, gold coins next to a bag of gummy eyeballs....fantastic!”

“It is October for goodness sake!”

I know, I know, when you actually think about it is an actual outrage.

But the other option here is to embrace it, take the oppurtunity to be one step ahead and have a organised Christmas. By being organised we can sink ourselves fully into all the Christmas activities and really enjoy the most wonderful time of the year and I think this year more than any other Christmas is a time to enjoy rather than to stress over!

1. If you haven't already book any Christmas activities you want to do

I mean, Nativities and play dates at the school are probably cancelled this year but other activities that may need booking such as Santa visits, breakfast with Santa, drive in Cinema or get togethers (no more than 6!) with family- get them booked in the diary now.

It has been a tradition for a number of years now that I host a “pre Christmas dinner” the first weekend of December- we dress up in our Christmas clothes and have a full Christmas dinner and watch “Elf on the shelf”. It is such a Christmassy day we all look forward to without the strress of presents everywhere! That is booked in the diary!

We have also scheduled in an evening for the release of “Christmas chronicles 2” (which is 25thNovember FYI!) we all loved numner 1 so we are looking forward to this! Complusory hot chocolate and mince pie comsumption will be on the agenda that evening for sure!

Whilst you are scheduling in your Christmas activities do not forget to include your Christmas food shop slot- if you do your Christmas food shopping this way!

For the first time I have also booked a cleaner to come and give the house a good pre Christmas clean including the oven and deep clean of the bathrooms which is a little treat to me from me and will save me so much time and stress in the run up to hosting Christmas. I am booked with if you too are interested in giving yourself the best Christmas present!

2. Buy advent calenders NOW!

Do not be that person (aka me) that leaves it until 31stNovember to dash out to the shop and pick an advent calender from what is left. Honestly, be your future friend and just pick them up now!

If you use a cloth/wooden one buy the chocolates for it now. Do you stuff your with other things? Let me know what you put in your cloth advent calenders!

Side note- I always buying my disaposable roasting tins now too- they are a few pounds for a pack of 3 and are just so much easier! I always worry they will go out of stock (I do not know why do not ask me why!) so I always pick them up early!

3. Just ask!

If you buy presents for the adults in your family ask everyone what they want would like for Christmas and give them a date to let you know by- and they have to choose something! I did this with my family this year, I asked in September and it has worked so well! It is now October and I know what I am buying for everyone and it feels SO good! This works so well because not only do you get to feel super organised in October, you get to budget better because you know what you have to buy PLUS all the adults know what they are getting and you know it is something they actually want.

As a person on a minimalist journey myself it really doesn't sit well with me buying people things that they need to find house room for or that they don't really want. I would much prefer to buy someone something they want- and it is a bonus if it an experience day and not a physical item!

4. Wrap as you go

Now I know there is going to be two schools of thought on this. It is the marmite suggestion! You'll either love the idea or hate it! I have never wrapped as I have brought before and this is my first year. It feels weird to have presents sat wrapped in my cupboard in October but it also feels fantastic!

I really do not like wrapping in one go...the first 2 presents wrapped resemble something from pinterest and I am thrilled. It goes down hill from there, the back ache sets in, the boxes get more and more obnxiously shaped and by the end of it, honestly, a 2 year old could wrap the presents better.

I know some people love having a Christmas wrapping night with a Christmas film and a festive tipple though.

Have you tried both methods- what has been your favourite? Wrapping as you go or a Christmas wrapping night?

I cannot wait to do a January over view and see if wrapping as I went worked out better or not

5. Plan to do your reverse advent in November!!

If you usually do a reverse advent- where by you put food items into a box every day of December and then donate them at the end of December, consider doing this throughout November and donate at the end of Novrmber so that the food bank can sort through and distribute these items during December.

This is a fantastic way to spend November and go into December feeling full of christmas spirit! The kids can get fully involved in this one!

6. Have a Christmas note book

This is where you can brain dump all of your Christmas related notes, lists, recipes, to do lists, present idea list, elf on the blinking shelf ideas, food shopping lists and dates. Literally anything to do with Christmas gets put in this note book and it is all in one place- believe me it will make you feel very organised!

And there we have it- some ideas on how to feel very organised and prepared for Christmas so that you can actually enjoy the lead up to Christmas and the day itself!

Have you got anything to add? I would love to know your ideas!

Emma xx

| Newborn Photographer Peterborough UK |

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