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Studio reopening information

The date so many of us have been waiting for! Myself, my clients and my fellow photographers! It is such an exciting and yet apprehensive time. I wanted to write this to let you know all the changes that will be made to sessions and the measures I have put into place to protect our families as I reopen.

First of all I would like to share with you the reasoning behind my decision to reopen and to include Newborn sessions. The guidelines say that where possible, a 2 metre distance must be kept. This is not going to be possible with Newborns and moving babies, therefore, the guidelines state that we have to assess whether or not it is fundamental to our business- being a Newborn specialist Newborn sessions are fundamental to my business so in this case PPE must be worn, measures put in place and contact limited as much as possible.

I feel that the way in which I work my Newborn sessions before CO-VID 19 makes adpating the session to the guidelines very easy- more details of this will be given further down.

As my studio is separate to my house, not used by anyone else but me and is very minimalistic this gives me the best opportunity of being able to easily disinfect it efficiently and get to all floor spaces and surfaces easily.

(this photo was taken before lock down- since lock down I have painted my studio door blush pink and love it!)

So before I get into the new measures I have put in place I wanted to go over measures that were already in place pre CO-VID 19 to protect the vulnerable Newborns and babies I work with

- Studio thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regulary

- All bean bag material and wraps washed between clients

- Hand sanitised available in the studio for my use and client use

- Clients advised to rebook if they expressed themselves or members of the family are feeling unwell- usually for the following week

These are the additional measures that will be in place and details of items of PPE that will be worn and available

(for Newborn sessions and all other sessions)

Before the session

-Clients will be asked directly if there has been any family member feeling unwell recently. If so, the session will be rescheduled for 2 weeks time

-Studio will be thoroughly and disinfected cleaned before and each session as usual but will include extra attention to disinfecting the sofa (a cover might be used and the cover washed between clients) - I politely ask that no additional guests attend the session- mum, dad and siblings only as a maximum -Shoes to be taken off outside the door by myself and clients - Hands to be sanitised by myself and clients before entering the studio and as you leave During the session

-A medical grade mask will be worn my me at all times and available for clients to wear if they want to - Hand sanitizer will be available for clients to use throughout the session - All additional props (bowls, throws and maternity gowns) that are not being used for the session will be taken out of the studio or stored in plastic tubs (headbands and wraps) - A window will be left open to aid air flow - Changes made to my work flow (details below) I am confident that my work flow that I usual do with my babies is perfect for the current situation to minimise my direct contact with the babies.

I will be adapting my work flow ever so slightly to include a few more swaddled images and more emphasise on parent/sibling images- this is to cut down the time I am in direct contact with the baby.

This will not alter my usual work flow by much so do not be alarmed! My work flow will still include my classic poses of baby that you see on my social media and website.

After each session - Hands to be washed upto leaving - Studio will be clean thoroughly  - All props (and the clothes I wear during the session) will be washed with my usual no bio powder but I will be adding an additional cleanser that kills 99.9% of viruses (napisan so it is safe for babies skin) - My bean bag is a faux leather so it will be wiped down with dettol between clients - Bean bag material will be stored in the studio in plastic tubs after being laundered as opposed to my house  - My camera will be thoroughly disinfected  - No more than one family a day will be photographed  Rest room precautions  In the event that a member from your family will need to use the toilet I would like to assure you that the space will be thoroughly disinfected before and after use including door handles, light switches, soap dispenser, taps and all surfaces. Toilet seat covers are provided should you wish to use them and paper towels are provided to dry your hands instead of a usual towel.  Just to mention again

as would be the case for all sessions pre Co-vid 19 if any of your family feel unwell prior to the session please let me know and we can reschedule your session. It is very important that no illness at all (even if it isnt co vid 19 related) is brought into the studio working with young babies and children. Similarily, if I, or any member of my family becomes unwell (even if it is not CO-VID19 symptoms) I will let you know and the session will be resceduled. I hope that you feel reassured by all the measures in place. I would love to hear your feedback! If there is anything that you think could be added then do let me know I hope to see you and your family very soon!

Emma xx

[ Specialist Maternity and Newborn photographer based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire ]

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