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Frequently asked questions- answered!

Your baby probably isn't even born yet and you are considering a newborn session to capture your baby whilst they are so small and fresh! But how does it all work, when should you book, what if the baby cries, how am I expected to stand in front of a camera when I have just given birth, how will we get out of the house with a newborn, what should I take...

I know! I get it! It is an overwhelming thought, but honestly do not panic!

I would love to take this time and answer all those questions and more so that you can feel relaxed and excited about the prospect of your Newborn session!

How does booking work when the baby might arrive early/late?

Great question! According to research, only about 4% of babies are born on their actual due date!

I only book a certain number of babies per month. This is so that no matter when baby decides to make an appearance- I will always have space for your Newborn session if you have booked!

Upon booking we will preliminary go by your due date and then once baby arrives you just pop me a message and we will schedule your session

When is best to book?

Whilst your still pregnant is a great time to book. Anywhere from your 12 week scan is perfect. With that being said, because babies do arrive early/late I sometimes have unplanned busier/quiter months than others- so it is sometimes possible to book in last minute- just send me a message and I can advise my availability

Can we have photos taken as a family or with siblings?

Yes of course! It makes me so happy when parents request family images- you will treasure those images forever, and when they are older, so will your children!

Siblings are always welcome- as are bribes. Oh the bribes I have heard in my studio! Something non chocolately always works well!

I have a specifically chosen set of sibling images I aim to get for each session. The "poses" I have chosen are designed to be natural and easy even for toddler siblings. I have purposely included sibling poses in my work flow that do not involve the sibling having to hold or even touch the baby if they do not want to. There is no pressure for them

I prefer to capture the family/sibling poses at the beginning of the session whilst siblings are fresh and awake- my sleepy vibes have been known to extend to other people present at the session too! Once we have the family/sibling images captured big brother or sister is free to eat, sleep and relax for the rest of the session

...Oh... but I don't know if I want to be in the photos

I completely understand and there is no pressure at all.

But I will add- approach to creating a family image is capturing the connection with your baby so usually I will ask you to look down at baby, gently kiss baby on the head. I will talk and guide you through each image- there is no awkward sitting and smiling at the camera- unless you request that

If you REALLY do not want to be in the photos I have a selection of images I create just with your hands so that you can be "in" the photo but not IN the photo- magic!

Many of my clients say afterwards that I made them feel comfort and relaxed so do not worry you are in good hands!

I even have a selection of dresses here in the studio for you to wear if you wish to!

What should we wear?

If you decide that you would like to be in the photos with your baby then I suggest clothing that is light/neutral in colour with no bold patterns/logos or bright colours. This is so that the main focus of the image remains of baby, emotion and your family connection

The same goes for siblings

However, this is just my suggestion, they are your images for your memories and albums and you should wear what feels comfortable for you!

What should I bring along?

Nothing in particular- just your baby and anything that you would usually take out on a trip out (milk, nappies, burp cloth, spare clothes)

If you forget anything I have nappies, cotton wool, wipes, nappy bags, muslin clothes all in the studio for you to use

Optional extras include a drink and snacks for yourselves

What if baby doesn't settle?

Do not panic! Newborn babies have so much going on trying to adjust to being in the outside world! So I think we can forgive them if they get a little unsettled!

I always request that baby is fed before you come for the session- this give them a little time to digest their milk and have a little soothe in the car on the way over. A full baby is a happy baby! If they need a little top up when you arrive that is no problem!

However I can usually get started straight away and I start by wrapping/swaddling the baby to make them feel safe and secure and this usually settles baby very well! Babies love a swaddle! I talk more about swaddling and how I get babies to sleep in the studio here.

If at any point baby needs a nappy change or top up of milk- we stop and do that. The session is very much baby-led and there is no rush at all. I have all the patience in the world and I am committed to my vision of what your end gallery is going to look like and I will ensure you have a beautiful gallery by the end of the session!

Do you use props in the session?

Yes, and no...let me explain

Yes I do- but they have been carefully chosen to suited to my minimalist style of photography. The props I use include a couple of bowls, a little bed, some flowers, as well as my white materials and wraps I use for posing and wrapping the baby with

My main focus of the image and my main "prop" is your baby- a beautiful image doesn't need anything more than that!

The package includes 10 images- what if we want more?

I love keeping things simple! It must be the minimalist in me! I love that my packages are inclusive of your session, some digital images AND some prints!

One package makes everything so simple- there are no hidden costs or lots of over whelming options to add to build a package. It is all done for you.

After your session, if you would like to add images you have the option to add 1 image, 10 images or all the images in your gallery!

Around 1 week after your session I will send you over the link to your online viewing gallery where you can choose your images. There is absolutely no pressure to have any additional images

You can view my package here

Can we print the images ourselves from the USB?

Of course! I encourage you to do so!

I provide you with a copy of the image as a print so that you have a reference to what a professional print will look like and I think it is so important to have prints. With a newborn baby I recognise that it isn't top of the "to do" list to get your photos printed- which is why they are included in all my packages

If you want to make more copies or enlarge the images on your USB you can absolutely do so!

Be sure to share a photo of your prints displayed! I love seeing what you all do with them and how you display them in your space!

I have used photo box before for personal prints and have found them to be the best so far in printing my images close to what they should look like if you wanted advice on where to print your images on the "high street"

Boots and any other instant kiosk style printers I have found to the the absolute worst!

If you want additional professional prints or do not have the time to get them printed yourself I can do this for you.

I hope that this has answered some of the questions you many have about booking a Newborn session- if there are any other questions you might have feel free to email me or write them in the comments and I will be happy to answer them!

Emma xx

Specialist Maternity and Newborn photographer based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK

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