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Feature Friday- with Nora Grace Co

Feature Friday is a new feature I am bringing to my blog! This is where we get to know other local businesses- shine a spot light on some of the little gems we have in Peterborough City! There are so many!

I love to discover new local business people and learn more about their businesses- where it all began for them and tips for others!

This week on Feature Friday is Nora Grace Co!

I had the pleasure of photographing Becka (owner of Nora Grace Co) and her family lots over the past couple of years!

Welcome! Thank you for being my guest on Feature Friday!

We would love to hear more about you and your business so without further a do-

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I am Becka, 28 years old, I live in Northamptonshire and am Mum to Nora (and my two doggies). I love designing and being creative!

Hello and welcome Becka! “I love designing and being creative” yes me too!

Tell us some more about your business

I started my business, Nora Grace Co. (guess where I got that inspo from?!) whilst I was on maternity leave and launched it in October 2019.

I design and sell hand made products and gifts from “bump to baby and beyond”.

I started with baby sensory rings and when they seemed popular I added a variety of shapes and colours. I then began working on nursery prints and a Christmas range! Since then I have been working on adding more products for Mum and Baby! I wish I could work faster and can’t wait to get new product up on the shop!

Your products sound amazing! I love the sensory rings!

I always try and research which elements of play are good for baby and toddler development. For example, the sensory ribbons are perfect for your little ones development. Sensory play from newborn helps to build nerve connections in the brain! You can wave these around over your babies head as they learn to follow the ribbons with their eyes, they can practise their motor skills by gripping the ribbons and rings and they will eventually learn to shake them themselves and the wooden rings made of natural wood double up as great teethers.

It sounds like every baby needs one! There are so many benefits and it sounds like this toy will grow with them throughout different developmental ages!

You mention you started your business whilst on Maternity leave- tell us more about that where did the idea come from?!

My career was in Footwear Design, I studied from degree level and have always working in the industry! I love to be creative and was missing designing whilst on maternity leave! I came up with the idea for the business on the many sleepless nights having a small one brings!

My initial aim was to have a good range of products for the Christmas season and book onto some Christmas Fairs. It soon became clear that going back to my job part time wasn’t a realistic option and I wasn’t prepared to go back more than 3 days a week. I have to travel lots with my job, which has always been amazing and I feel very lucky to have experienced, but now Nora is here, I really don’t want to be leaving her for weeks at a time.

Long and short… it wouldn’t work for our family. So… I took a brave plunge and handed my notice in at work… giving me a hefty dose of motivation to try and make this business work. SCARY! I have a whole new found respect to every Mum and how they juggle work and family life. It is tough to find the balance and to find a job that can accommodate it. This is something I hope improves for Mums in the future.

Wow what an inspiring story! It is so enlightening to hear the story behind a business. I defiantly think it sounds like you made the right decision and I know we can all relate to the work/family life juggling act! BUT- you got this!

Whilst we are on that subject- what you would your number one tip be for other mums working from home?

This is something I am still trying to master and struggle with daily! I wish there were more hours in the day. I try to plan our week so I am at home for Nora’s naps and can work through them. I then work in the evenings once she’s gone to bed but reserve two evenings a week to have off and chill out! Planning, I have learnt, is the key! Make sure you allocated time to work, play and time to rest! It’s a juggling act.

Great advice! I always used to edit in the evenings once Olivia was in bed. Now she is at school I try to get it done on certain days in the daytime so I have some time in the evening with my partner. As you say, it is such a juggling act!

So back to your beautiful products. Can any of them be personalised?

Some of our products can be personalised such as our welly prints and gift boxes (coming soon!) some come as they are such as the sensory ribbons!

We will look forward to seeing the gift boxes! What has been your top selling product so far?

Sensory ribbons!

I am not surprised they are fabulous!

So that is your your top selling product what is yourfavourite item/s you’ve made so far?

I loved making my Christmas collection! I was so pleased when it finally all came together.

It all looks so lovely!

Is there anything exciting lined up for Nora Grace Co this year?

Yes! I will be launching a range of new products soon. I am currently working on sensory treasure boxes and a range of gift packages to include mothers day gift boxes, mum to be and new baby. These will all come in letterbox sized boxes so you can post them to your loved ones and they will go straight through their door!

I am also working on a baby loss project which will raise money for Tommy’s baby charity, a great cause very close to my heart. This will include cards and prints, things you can send to friends and family that have experienced baby loss when you just don’t know what to say to them

I will really look forward to seeing that range

Thank you for sharing so much about you and your business! Is there anything else you would like to tell us about?

I am almost at 600 followers on instagram so when I reach this there will be a sensory ribbon giveaway!

Fabulous! Be sure to follow Nora Grace Co- give them a like to keep up to date with all their news and enter their 600 follower giveaway!

You can follow us on instagram here…

Facebook here…

and you can shop our range by either messaging us directly or visiting our Etsy shop here…

Thank you so much for being a part of my Feature Friday! I have thoroughly loved learning about you and your business! I wish you every success in your venture- your products are amazing and I am sure your business will thrive!

Emma xx

[ Newborn Photographer based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire ]

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