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Feature Friday- with OneFitMama

This week on Feature Friday we have Shani talking about her Fitness for Mum's business- OneFitMama. I always thought there should be fitness classes that you can take your children along to- little did I know it was out there all along! I think this is such a brilliant idea!

Without further a do lets find out more!

Thank you so much for being a part of my Friday Feature! I would love to know more about you and what you do!

I’m Shani, I run OneFitMama classes in and around Peterborough, I have a 2yr old daughter who loves to shout ‘stop it!!’ whenever me and my husband are talking (eye roll), I love coffee...i know that's quite generic and a bit cliche ‘i love coffee’ but I seriously considered having a little coffee cart prior to deciding to run fitness classes, I may still look into it in the future, or start selling coffee’s to go after class :-) (in reusable cups obviously).

Oh don't you just love toddlers! I am too a cliche coffee lover! Toddlers and coffee- what a combo! I will be looking out for your environmentally friendly coffee to go in the future!

But for now tell us more about your current business!

OneFitMama is a Franchise, setup by a lady called Sophia Cooper who wanted to get back into fitness after her baby as a way to deal with her Postnatal Depression, but she found it hard to get time to workout, she felt guilty leaving her little one in the evenings, she was frustrated that there wasn’t anything out there to cater for her, so she setup classes in and around Birmingham originally which went from strength to strength and 5 years later she launched the Franchise.

I used to attend OneFitMama classes in Cirencester where I used to live and it was so nice to go and workout with my little one, the classes helped me feel abit like my old self, don’t get me wrong I didn’t ‘bounce’ back into fitness, I found the classes tough but thankfully if I needed to take a break at any point then I could take one and my little one would seemingly ‘need’ feeding when i was starting to run out of steam :-)

After my Mat leave was over I no longer went to classes, I went back to work full time with my little one going to nursery 5 days/week.

I previously worked as a Buyer so it was fairly pressured and after 10months out of the business my role had changed a lot so from the first couple of months back I hated it, I found enjoyment in the fact that people were talking to me as ‘me’ and not as Ami’s Mum but the constant pressure to deliver unrealistic goals and a management team who didn’t seem to acknowledge it would take me a while to get back into the swing of things made me dread leaving in the fact the coffee I made for the journey was the only thing that got me in the car. Cue 6 months later and the company announced they would be making redundancies and I knew I wanted to leave, thankfully my request didn’t get denied and I left July 2019.

Then came alot of soul searching; I wanted to make my next career more meaningful and more rewarding, but I didn’t have any other qualifications other than the degree in Fashion Buying :-/

There wasn’t a light bulb moment when I thought ‘i’m going to be a fitness instructor’ but I would always go to the gym and want to go over to people doing exercises with bad technique and advise them how to do it, I also used to love telling my husband what exercises to do if he decided to do a quick workout at home. So I looked into retraining as an Instructor and then emailed the instructor who did the OneFitMama classes I used to go to and she was so supportive with giving me advice, telling me her story and reassuring me that she wasn’t an instructor before joining the company either which was one of my fears, thinking people might not take me seriously if I didn’t have years and years experience in the industry. So I bought the Franchise and started working on launching in Peterborough, whilst retraining and also moving house :-)

Oh my goodness- what an inspirational story! I love that your story is a little like mine in the sense that I didn't have a light bulb moment where I thought "I want to be a photographer". The universe brought it to me and there is a lot to be said in trusting change and trusting opportunities that arise seemingly out of the blue.

It is amazing to hear that you've found something you love that can benefit so many other mums whilst allowing you to be there for your daughter too- I love it!

I would love to hear more about the classes- can any mum join? Are there certain exercises that you do that are specifically tailored to mums?

The classes are for Mum’s (of any age) and they can bring along their little ones. Or not if it happens that a class falls on a preschool day.

Classes are circuit based and are designed and approved by postnatal experts, we ask every mum to fill out a health questionnaire before they can partake in a class so that we can advise where modifications should be made i.e. For Pelvic floor weakness we would replace Planks with knee raises or toe taps so that you’re not putting any undue pressure on already weakened muscles, also we would remove jumping from exercises. There are other post natal factors that we modify for such as Pelvic Girdle Pain, C-Section, Tummy Muscle Separation. All are very very normal to experience post natally and knowing you can come to a class and talk about these issues is another great thing about OneFitMama, we give mums a safe space to open up about their symptoms. I wholeheartedly believe that breaking down tabboo’s about these subjects will make us stronger both mentally as we won’t fear that we’re ‘different’ but physically as the modified exercises will build strength vs cause any further damage.

Oh and classes are tonnes of fun especially when the little one’s are old enough to follow their mum’s and try to join in :-)

Your classes sound brilliant! More than just a work out for certain. I love that it encourages fitness from a young age for the babies too!

The mums that attend must absolutely love your classes!

I have a few quotes from mum’s:

I thoroughly enjoyed my first One Fit Mama session with Shani yesterday and would definitely recommend these classes! She was really welcoming and put us at our ease. The exercises meant I got a good workout (I’m feeling it today!), but we could all work at our own pace so this is perfect for all levels of fitness, with no pressure or judgement. It was fun too, especially exercising as a group of mums (I’ve always been rubbish at going to the gym by myself!). There were a variety of toys and play gyms, etc, to keep babies and toddlers of various ages engaged. Shani was also always on hand to help entertain / calm / distract the babies too, but we could each just jump in to help our little ones whenever we needed to. So all in all, this is a great group to join if you’re a mum who wants to get some exercise!’

Brilliant classes with Shani. Was really worried about taking 10 month old when I went for my first class but I was soon put at ease and he enjoyed himself. Would definitely recommend’

What a fabulous review! You must be so proud!

Where and when are your classes held?

I would love to hear more about the classes- are there different classes, what level of fitness, big groups/small groups. What age children can attend, price etc

I currently only run Mum and Baby groups but within these there are 3-4 Toddler spaces

We consider Toddlers ‘Toddlers’ when they can confidently walk, any little one prior to that will be classed as a Baby.

Mums can join from 6 weeks or after their GP check, for C-section Mum’s we advise 10-12weeks to allow time for the scar to heal.

We allow 3 children/Mum

Little ones have play area’s set out in the middle of the circuits, babies have bouncers, play gyms, bumbo’s and toddlers have a Ball pit, Scuttle bugs and other older toys to keep the entertained whilst their mums workout.

I’m also there to hold, pull funny faces and point at birds out of the window when little ones aren’t playing ball :-)

It all sounds so good- I wish something similar had been around when Olivia was a baby! This is so different to a usual mums and toddler group!

How much are your classes?

Every Mum gets her 1st class free as a trial, classes are then £5.50 each thereafter which is payable in monthly installments i.e. £22 for a 4 week month

Such great value for money!

I am wondering,an mums attend with their toddlers if they are pregnant?

Pregnant ladies aren't able to attend unless they’ve been coming to classes for 12 weeks prior to getting pregnant.

Do you have a top tip for a new mum trying to get back into shape. your top exercise for a mum trying to stay in shape during pregnancy?

Do your pelvic floor exercises, try and do them twice a day when you’re brushing your teeth.

Pelvic tilts are a great way of working your transverse abdominals which are the one’s laying underneath and the ones that will need help inorder to knit those tummy muscles back together after having a baby.

I second that ladies- DO YOUR PELVIC FLOOR EXERCISES! Just trust us!

Is there anything new or exciting coming up for your business that you would like to share?

OneFitCore will be launching end March/beginning April. This will be a 6 week course for mum’s who would like to specifically work on their Core and Pelvic Floor health. The course is £38/Mum

This sounds exciting! Good luck for the launch of that class- I am sure it will be huge success your classes sound just wonderful!

Thank you so much for telling us about your business! It sounds incredible and I am sure so many local mums will enjoy reading bout it too!

Is there anything further you would like to add?

I feel like I’ve wrote too much already! Just wanted to add that since starting classes I’ve met loads of lovely women, some of which i would now call my friends and that’s worth its weight in gold :-)

Thank you so much Shani! And thank YOU for reading!

If you would like to find out more about the OneFitMama classes visit their website here-

If you own a local mum/baby business here in Peterborough and would like to be featured I would love to hear from you!-

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