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Best DIY Pumpkin Spiced Latte hack ever!

I don’t know what happens…it is like when that calendar flips to October I am unable to be satisfied by my usual black coffee with no sugar. I catch all the Autumn feels and I am craving pumpkin spice (and ginger bread lattes) like crazy!

I have tried to find a good recipe to make at home for so long now but I have come up against two main flaws in the recipe- they all need Pumpkin puree which you cannot buy in the UK (I saw it in Morrisons once years back but never since) and even if you could get your hands on some the recipes involve heating milk on the hob and adding 16725465 different spices….which is ok….I mean, it would be worth it….but if you wanted to have one every day (or several times a day!) then it seems like a lot of effort. Making your own pumpkin puree also seems like a lot of effort.

But I have found the PERFECT solution…in my favourite shop- Aldi. Aldi are selling this Beanies Pumpkin spiced flavour coffee for just £1.99 and it is soooo good. It is the best quick and easy Pumpkin spiced latte hack ever!

I probably should of searched the internet first to check and see if I am on this band wagon far too late and that this is old news to all PSL fans out there...but...I didn't so...sorry if I am late to the party!

Scroll down to the bottom and screen shot the recipe and method card...I say recipe and method, there really is nothing to it!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Hack

Pour milk 2/3 of the way to the top of your Latte mugs and then transfer to a jug for microwaving

Whilst that is warming make a little coffee shot by using the beanies pumpkin spiced latte flavour coffee (1 heaped teaspoon)

Next froth your milk with a milk frothing gadget (I used my nutribullet) or just whisk it yourself to make it frothy. Ikea sell little hand held milk frothers which are excellent too!

Add the milk to the coffee and your done- the quickest and easiest pumpkin spiced latte you'll ever make!

If you wanted to get really fancy you could add some squirty cream and some cinnamon sprinkled on the top! I did not on this occasion- but you defiantly could!

Lots of us will be staying in this Halloween and it is on a weekend! So why not give this a go, cosy up on the sofa with a “spooky” film, pjs, artificial candles, a snuggly blanket and give into all those Autumn feels!

This latte goes well with a batch of homemade cookies, ginger bread and I could imagine that those Biscoff biscuits would go really nicely with it too!

Here is the "recipe and method" card to screen shot!

Let me know if you make one and love it as much as I do!

Emma xx

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