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5 things I won't be buying in 2019 (and didn't!)

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

I actually wrote this list last year- on the 11th January 2019. But you know how it is with New Year resolutions...most of the time the intentions are there in January and then the old habits creep back in and we revert back to "auto pilot" come Feb! Some habits can be so hard to break!

So I wanted to write the list at the start of the year and then revisit this list in January 2020 and see if I managed to keep to my resolution of not buying these 5 things in 2019 and what things I used instead!

Over the past year I have been making a real conscious effort to not just declutter, but really read and learn about minimalism and apply it to my life. I think a lot of people think that minimalism is about living in an empty white house! But once I had researched minimalism and now really understand it- it is much more about mind set than anything else. Although, it does involve some decluttering (obviously!). Which is good news for me because I find decluttering SO therapeutic!

One of the best books I read on minimalism was "The joy of less" by Francine Jay. This really got me into the right mindset and helped me on my minimalism journey more than anything I had previously read

As part of my journey a massive game changer for me, and for many, is to be aware of what I bring into my house in the first place. So I came up with this list last January of things I was not going to buy in 2019 with the intention of reviewing it in a year to see if I successfully completed my resolution! Many of the items on the list paired so well with my other resolution of "being more conscious of our impact on the environment and make changes where possible". Minimalism and being kinder to the environment go so very well together!

It is now January 2020 and I can say I achieved my New Years Resolution! ...perhaps for the first time ever! I would love for you to be inspired to think about what things you could stop buying in 2020!

So what 5 things didn't I buy for a whole year (and won't ever again)....

1. Excessive/unnecessary amounts of cleaning products

Do you realise how long it takes to actually use a whole bottle of cleaning product! It lasts forever! To the point where, for me, I would get bored of that scent and buy another ending in bottles and bottles of cleaning products! Or, I would think I had ran out of something and in fact it was buried at the back of the cupboard! My cleaning cupboard under the sink was ridiculous!

I try and buy a product that is multi purpose now so it is 1 bottle and does pretty much everything! I do not want to find house room for a anti bac spray, a floor cleaner a oven cleaner- when one product can do all those jobs! In fact, hot water and washing up liquid works wonders on pretty much everything!

I have done well with this one but....

I have recently purchased a bottle of "Window lean" after watching an Instagram story- I am so cross with myself as I had done so well not buying unnecessary cleaning products. I have been using a e cloth for glass, you just add water and clean anything shiny and it works brilliantly! There was no need for my impulse purchase of window cleaner! Now I am going to have to give it house room for about another year because it'll take forever to use up!

This is an on going journey for me this year where I aim to continue to work on this one and cut my cleaning product supplies down to just 5 products- watch this space for 2021's post! (I bet I will still have my bottle of window cleaner! Or, I shall have the shiniest windows in Peterborough in my effort to use it all up!)

2. Kitchen roll

It used to really bug me that they would come in rolls of 4 and they are so big! I do not like using cupboard room to store the other 3 rolls and I didn't like the look of the roll on the side board. I haven't brought it all year and not missed it once! Any spillages I use a normal cloth...I would go as far as to say I do not understand what I ever used it for!

3. Sanitary towels

This might be far, far too much information...but I would wear them "just incase". Now I use these pants from amazon and they are wonderful. They absorb well "just incase" and wash perfectly. They advise not to use fabric conditioner in with the wash as it affects the absorbancy. I haven't brought one packet of sanitary towels all year

4. Make up wipes/cleaning wipes

It was EASY to cut out the cleaning wipes! They are like the kitchen roll for me! Anything I would need a wipe or kitchen roll for I can do with a normal cloth- I have not missed using cleaning wipes at all and I feel like I am doing my bit for the environment at the same time

However, the hard one for me was the make up wipes! I love the convenience of a make up wipe (which I guess is how people must feel with the cleaning wipes?!). When I am tired at night it seems like such a huge effort to cleanse, tone and moisturise my face! I used to use them day and night until I found these make up removal clothes in B&M and they are fantastic! They remove all my make up so easily and wash so well! So now MOST of the time I use these clothes- I have 4 so that always have one to hand when the others are in the wash. I have make up wipes in for the odd night but for the most part I do try and use the clothes

5. Laundry Liquid in Plastic bottles

This was part of the "be more conscious of our plastic waste and cut down where possible" resolution but I can 100% say I have only brought washing powder in the cardboard boxes all year. I use this Non bio one from Aldi so that I can use it on the wraps and throws I have in the studio too

This box is £2.99 and lasts forever! I have not noticed any difference switching from Liquid to powder and I like that have cut that bit of plastic out! We could still do a lot more but every little helps!

I am so pleased to say that I kept to my list (for the most part). I will now look at other things I can stop buying in 2020 to further minimalism my life, leave more room in my home for things that matter, save me money and be kinder to the environment all at the same time!

I hope that you are inspired to cut out some of these things or to think of things you could cut out instead

Have you already stopped buying certain items? Please do share them with me in the comments so I can be inspired by your list!

Emma xx

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