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Summer Holiday Enjoyment- not survival!

The summer holidays are nearly upon us- and some have already started for some of you so I hear! I have to say, I am so jealous, the weather we are having is the PERFECT summer holiday weather is it not!?

I know how daunting the summer holidays can be but don’t you find they just whizz by and before you know it they are back at school.

I read a quote about children only having 18 summer holidays- and that really puts things into perspective doesn’t it! In general, I am a much more organised person now that I have been in previous years and these are some of the things I will be doing to not just survive our summer holiday together- but ENJOY it!


If you are a working parent you may or may not have heard about the Kids club that Sainsbury’s are providing for the summer holiday! It looks really good and only costs £7.50 a day making it a really affordable option for many. Lunch is provided too!

Our nearest one here in Peterborough is in Werrington

To find out more and check availability click here

I only have one child and I am blessed to be able to work from home- Olivia is old enough now where she can stay at home with me whilst I am photographing my lovely families so if anyone else has some good child care tips- feel free to share them in the comments for other parents who might be struggling!

Meal planning, slow cooker, online shopping

This is one that I struggle with but when I do it it is such a huge relief and makes my week run so much smoother. It really is such a game changer for me- especially in the holidays when we have been out and about doing things all day- I don’t want to then drag Olivia round the shops to find something to have for dinner!

I really enjoy using my slow cooker too for days that we are going to be out all day. It is so nice knowing you don’t have to go home and cook! Or (hopefully) when it is too hot too cook! Slow cookers aren’t just for casseroles! Having said that, sausage casserole in the slow cooker is great!

My favourite things to make are- Chilli, Spag Bolognese, hunters chicken (click here for the recipe), vegetable curry, fakeaway kebab and pork chops!

I don’t usually, but in the summer holidays I plan to get my shopping delivered to avoid the shops. I know it is not the cheapest option and it is better to pick your own fruit and veg, for example, but the convenience out weights that for me at the moment!

Also, if you haven’t already, start buying your vegetables like peppers and onions frozen! Saves so much time and waste! Plus if I chop an onion its like I have been told devestating news!

To see my FAVOURITE recipe to make in the slow cooker- Slimming world Kebab- click here

House work

If you’ve followed me for a little while you will know I follow “The organised mum method” to stay on top of my housework. This has been a complete game changer for me! It is so brilliantly designed so that the longer you stick to it the easier it gets- and it really does! You will never have to do a “deep clean” ever again- unless you want to of course! Sometimes theres nothing better than a sunny Sunday afternoon blitzing the house! But at least after TOMM it’ll be optional!

In a nutshell this cleaning plan is 30 minutes spent in a different room of the house each day. Then, on a Friday you spend your 30minutes on a certain room again- doing some organisation in that room and really spending your 30 minutes wisely.

Bathrooms are tackled by doing a little bit each day

Using my time wisely and knowing that the plan works makes it SO much easier- and 30 minutes a day is so manageable even in the school holidays! Especially as you can break your 30 minutes into 15 minute chunks.

I love routine and order with this plan everything is scheduled so there is certain day to clean the oven, a certain day to focus on the garden, a certain day the bedding gets washed. It makes it so much better than just doing it “whenever” or cleaning the oven when it REALLY needs it and then having to scrub away at it!

If you are like me and work from home you know how important it is to have a tidy work space to be able to work in it!

That is my summary but you can find the plan, printable and more explanation here on the TOMM website- there are some printable sheets you can stick on your fridge that tell you what rooms and jobs are done on each day- I know it sounds over the top but this cleaning method has changed my life!

To see read my stain removing tips click here (I brought a white sofa- have a child and a dog and know it'll stay clean and stain free! Yours can too!)

Our favourite place to visit

Stanwick lakes- this place is awesome! It really is! It’s great that it is close enough to visit easily but far enough away that we don’t visit all the time so it feels like a “treat” still when we do go!

Its a big park built in a sand pit with the added bonus of water!

From their website-

"It includes water play, with small stream and water wheels, a large sand play area, a climbing tower with giant slide, tunnels, stepping stones, a sunken ship and much more. Children just never want to leave!

Grassy banks provide the ideal spot to set up base or to have a picnic on warm summer days. There are wooden sculptures and seats dotted throughout the adventure playground providing rest areas for supervising young children.

Due to the watery elements of the playground, children have the potential to get wet and grubby, so old clothes, a towel and a change of clothes are highly recommended!"

Where is your favourite place to visit?


Talking from experience- take a change of clothes for the children no matter how old they are!

Indoor activities

I have found some recipes that I am planning to do with Olivia- they are quick and easy with great results so perfect for her short attention span!

Homemade Ice cream

what a perfect way to spend a summer day- making and eating your own homemade ice-cream! And the best part is that it needs just two ingredients! You can personalise the flavours as well so the kids will really enjoy this one! Its a great way to get creative!

We made this recipe the other day to make sure it works and is yummy- and we can confirm- it IS yummy! The only thing I would change is to stir in some sauce before freezing- my preferred ice cream sauce would be toffee- yum!

What would be your favourite flavour be?

Homemade tortilla wraps- I find that wraps just give a bit of variety to lunches! 6 weeks of sandwiches is going to get a little boring! The kids will love making and eating these!

I found this recipe over at mamalinauk

Ediable slime! ….kinda

It isn’t slimey- don’t worry the sofas, hair and clothes are safe! It is more of a play doh texture but 100% edible and smells incredible!

They will love making, playing with and eating this!

Be prepared!

I have done a little top up of essential first aid items such as plasters, calpol and ice packs. I also suffer from migraines occasionally so I will make sure I have a fresh packet of migralief in the cupboard just incase- I do not want a migraine ruining any precious day!

I also saw a brilliant hack online where they suggested freezing water bottles and letting the kids take them to bed to keep them cool at night- I thought it was a brilliant idea and have some a few of those too! If you have young children put the bottle under their sheet and let them lay near it

Schedule your back to school shopping trip and photo!

I have to do this too! Even though I do my own photos of Olivia I still have to schedule in the shopping trip to make sure I have all her uniform for her photo! Make sure you do yours too!

Click here to find out more about back to school photo sessions!

And there we have it! A few things I will be doing to keep my 6 weeks running smoothly!

If you have any of your own tips on how you are keeping your 6 week summer holiday running smoothly let us know in the comments!

Emma xx

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