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blogmas #8- DIY bird feeders

It is the first day of the Christmas school holiday for us today! We have A LOT of festive activities to fit in! ....and theres me adding DIY bird feeders to the list!

A few months back I saw this 12.5kg bag of bird seed reduced to £1 because it had come open and some of the seed had come out. I thought for £1 I have to have it!

I found this festive bird feeders article on "yours magazine" and thought it was the perfect way to use up the bird seed! I know Olivia will love helping me make them because they are quick and easy- anything long winded and she looses interest these days! I plan to take them with us on our dog walks this week and hang them up in the trees for the birds!

The recipe called for just two ingredients-

20g Gelatine

400g Bird seed

Other items needed-

Cookie cutters or a muffin pan/tray

Something to poke a hole- I used a pencil

Some grease proof paper or tin foil

I decided to use the vegetarian gelatine and some festive shaped cutters I have

You need to make the gelatine up in accordance to the packet. Mine said to dissolve the powder into a bowl of cold water slowly and then to heat up to boiling point

I did that in a sauce pan and then tipped the bird seed into the saucepan and mixed it all into the gelatine mixture

I then spooned it into the moulds- I had a lot of mixture left so I also used a muffin tray to make some round ones

I poked a hold in the top and then put in the fridge to set

Once they were set (about an hour) I added some string

I have hung one in the garden so far- I am really hoping to spot a bird having a little taste!

I plan to take the rest on our dog walks to hang in the woods

Let me know if you make any!

Emma xx

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