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Blogmas day #7- what's in our Christmas Eve box

As the big day fast approaches I thought I would share what is in the girl's Christmas Eve box this year! We sleep over at my mums every year along with my sister and niece so the girls can wake up Christmas morning together! The girls have one of each item each.

christmas eve box ideas

There are no rules with a Christmas Eve box- it can be whatever you want to make it! It can be different each year! Mine usually is. You make the rules!

I know most Christmas eve boxes contain a festive DVD but I don't buy DVDs anymore- they are all on netflix or the TV over Christmas so it's one less thing cluttering up my house!


Most Christmas eve boxes contain Christmas PJs. I had been searching for the perfect PJs for weeks! I wanted something wintery but not Christmassy so that the girls could wear them after Christmas and they wouldn't be "out of season". I spied these PJs in GAP on black friday and thought they were perfect! They are so soft and not overly Christmassy!

40% off at the moment too!

Activity book of some sort

Christmas Eve can go on forever when your a child and just want Christmas day to be here already! Olivia is obsessed with horses at the moment so I saw this sticker book and I know it will keep Olivia busy for at least 10 minutes!

Adorable mug for obligitory Christmas Eve hot chocolate!

This mug is just from the pound shop and I think its adorable! I have seen similar mugs a lot dearer in other shops at the moment!


Unicorn poop marshmallows for said obligatory hot chocolate- both girls love unicorns and all the poop words so win win

Something sweet for eating whilst watching a Christmas film

Can't go wrong with pink smarties and popcorn can you! I got the popcorn 4 packets for £1 from b&m!

A little blind bag style toy

Just a little something- I got these 3 for £5 in Smyths Toy Super store. The other one has just gone in Olivia's stocking as a little filler

Bath bomb

The girls always have bath together Christmas Eve so there is always a bath bomb in there. This year my sister brought them this one from lush- adorable!

The most important item- "Christmas Eve" yankee melt

I have been burning the "Christmas Eve" yankee scent from Olivia's second Christmas- i'd love for her to smell that scent when she is older and say "yes that smells like Christmas eve!". I remember last Christmas I couldn't find my votive candle anywhere- I was gutted! My sister had to quickly amazon prime one the day before Christmas eve! Thank goodness for amazon prime!

Smells can bring back so many memories.

However, because of our "fire incident" last year Olivia is still extremely uncomfortable around candles so when I saw this melt in Clinton cards I was over the moon! They had a % off all candle related products and lots of online retailers have all the Christmas scents on offer at the moment!

christmas eve box ideas

We are making cookies Christmas Eve during the day at Mum and Dad's house so I have decided not to put the ingredients for that in the box but you defiantly could include cookie making items in there! Or a little ginger bread house kit would be fun too!

Are you doing a Christmas Eve box this year? What items have you included?

Emma xx

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