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Blogmas #6- a story about why I do not use candles any longer

Candles are everywhere you turn in the shops at the minute! I have to admit- I used to love a festive scented candle at Christmas time- it really sets the "cosy" vibes scene! It is important for me to just remind everyone to be extra careful around candles if you choose to use them over the festive period and into the new year.

Like many of us do- I had some candle lit in the bathroom whilst I had a bath. Olivia came in with me and wanted to use her mouldable foam soap...didn't think anything of it! Eventually the foam ran out but Olivia was continuing to spray the can and I could smell the fumes coming out of the can. The fumes must have reached the flame and all of a sudden a big flash of flames burst out of no where. Instinct took over and through the flames I managed to pull Olivia by her arm and threw her out of the bath. Luckily she wasn't left with any burns or even a singed hair. I am so grateful! Unforuntaly, it left me with burns to my face, neck, chest and arm. I had patches of hair burnt away and my eye brows and eyelashes were very singed

Psychologically this really has scarred Olivia- witnessing this will stay with her forever. I still have major "mum guilt" over it.

In the girls Christmas Eve box I would always have the yankee candle scented "Christmas Eve" so we could light it Christmas eve and when they are all grown up that smell would always bring back memories of their Christmas eve. But now I have opted for the Christmas eve scented wax melt instead- much, much safer but still the same scent- win win!

In fact, I only ever use wax melts now! There are so many options for beautiful warmers and the most amazing scents which still create that cosy atmosphere- there really is no need for me ,personally, to light candles again! Scentsy warmers use a low wattage light bulb to gently warm the wax releasing nothing but fragrance into the air- no flame, no smoke, no soot and no lead! Just fragrance! The wax is never heated to a point where it is dangerous- you could dip your fingers in the wax and it wouldn't be hot! Perfect around kids and pets!

The wax melts come in 90+ different scents- which are all divine! The wax itself is made from food grade paraffin wax so it is non toxic. Each bar of wax contains 8 cubes of wax which all provide 8+ hours of fragrance each!

As well as wax and warmers there is an amazing collection of kids products (the children Disney collection is amazing!), laundry products, diffusers and bath products

Here is one of the festive Mini warmers- 1 wax cube is placed in the top and the mini warmer warms the wax and releases the fragrance!

I would LOVE to have you join Olivia and I over on our group where you can find out more about the products

If anyone would like to come over for a coffee and smell all the wax I have sniff pots in every fragrance!

The other thing I have been using this year for tea light holders is the little battery operated tea lights from the pound shop. They last ages and I don't think you'd ever tell that it wasn't a "real" tea light being used!

I hope that post wasn't too boring but these freak accidents do happen but you think they will never happen to you, or they are just stories you hear about, but they do happen and so easily! Especially around children and animals. There are so many alternatives on the market these days so it is defiantly worth bearing some of them in mind for the future.

Emma xx

(to see what else the girls have in their Christmas eve box click here)

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