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12 days of blogmas #5- what we are wearing Christmas day!

This meme really makes me chuckle- it is so true!

This is what my Christmas outfit will be this year! I love it because it is thin and comfy so I won't get too hot- and the kids have kind of matching ones so that is win win!

This was £12.50 from Asda George,default,pd.html?source=2925&promotype=Editorial+Content&cmpid=afc-_-GEOR-_-awin-_-79682-_%20-generic&cm_mmc=GEOR-aff-_-awin-_-ShopStyle%20UK-_-79682&awin_aff=79682_ShopStyle+UK_ShopStyle+UK_Editorial+Content&cwc=afc&cwd=geo&cwf=pm&awc=2925_1544996450_8597e674985cb44e2c16db8e7593ae29&dclid=CjgKEAiAjNjgBRCmrrzQp7OahykSJAAVsZP4bCw8E1fF6DsdwI28TU41lskGED4VXBYPbpBG0eDu2PD_BwE

I just think these dresses are adorable! Again not too hot and uncomfortable for the kids- Olivia has high socks to wear with hers because she hates tights.

They were a complete bargain at £3.99 from H&M- I couldn't find them on their website but they were in the brotherhoods branch

Emma xx

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