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Blogmas #3- Christmas bucket list

With the kids breaking up from school soon why not schedule in some festive activities! Maybe you have already ticked some of these off your list already? Let me know!

All our trips and activities are done as a family usually with my mum and dad, sister, Olivia and my niece. The kids are cousins but they are so close like sisters! They do everything together!

1. Willow house- Turves

If you haven't been already or heard of this house- it's amazing. It is our third year of visiting so I think we can call it a tradition now! It is a house in Turves near Peterborough absolutely covered in Christmas lights and scenes. The money they raise on the gate goes to charity and it really is a beautiful and if you don't really festive after that, well, I don't know what will do it for you!

But, if you can't get over there- go to see any Christmas lights! Just around where you live or the ones in Queensgate are beautiful- but go just to see the lights- no shopping!

2. Annual trip to see Santa

We always go to baytrees- where do you go? I have heard Sacrewell farm is good for Santa visits? The best place I ever took Olivia to see santa was lapland UK- it is the most magical place on earth!

3. Make ginger bread men!

If your children are anything like Olivia then she is "so over" the making part to baking! I love that ginger bread dough can be pre-made! So you can make it in the evening, for example, for the kids to cut into shapes the following day!

This is my favourite recipe to use- but I always at least double the spice quantities- I love my ginger bread to be, well, gingery!

4. Ice skating at Van hage

this will be our second year visiting. You can hire the sit on bananas or penguins to help the younger/less confident ones

5. Post cards to the neighbours

I am so lucky and grateful to have the best neighbours!

6. Winter walk

We have Arlo to walk so we have to get out and about but even if you don't have a dog to walk its so lovely wrapping up and going on a wintery walk. The best part is always coming home to a hot chocolate!

What is your favourite hot chocolate recipe?

7. Take the children shopping but buy nothing else but food to donate

We always go to the Tesco in Werrington because they have a donation point there. I saw that Tesco Hampton have a donation point for pet food too which I will be putting a donation into as well!

It is very important to me for this to be a part of our build up to Christmas!

I let the kids buy want the want...with a bit of guidance!

8. Have a Christmas film day!

If you haven't already seen it "The Christmas Chronicles" on netflix is our current favourite. But all time favourite for Olivia is "home alone" and mine is "Elf"

9. Make the best hot chocolates

With aaaaaaaall the toppings!

10. Obligatory Photo in front of the tree!

It has to be done! It is lovely to see them grow over the years in the same scene

That is my bucket list! I think we are about half way through! Not many days to go!

Whats on your festive bucket list?

Emma xx

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