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Elf on the shelf ideas calendar

It's coming round to that time of the year again! The Elf is going to back before we know it! Olivia still absolutely loves her Elves but we have been doing it about 4 years now. I was running out of ideas and getting bored of the ones we have previously done

Now Olivia is getting older I wanted to incorporate some more antics that were a bit more "grown up". For example I have found some brilliant writing prompts that are Elf related which I really think she will enjoy! I have included the link further down!

I have also kept some of the old favourites like the "knickers on the tree" antic and hiding candy canes around the room. She's always loved those two!

I found "the organised mum method" a couple of months ago and that inspired me to get organised for the return of the Elf and avoid that panic each night of trying to find something to do with them! ....tell me I am not the only one?!

So without further a do lets show you my calendar for the month! I will go into a few of them in a bit more detail and include and links to the resources! I have also added a "cheat sheet" at the end of all the ideas that you can print or screen shot to keep you on track

elf on the shelf ideas

Day one // Return of the Elf *done in my best Mark Morrison Return of the Mack signing*

I haven't ever done a north pole breakfast so that will be something new for this year. I am planning to do pancakes with a selection of different toppings. I have Elf drinking cups and a Christmas themed colour in table cloth.

The elves will also bring the advent calendars for us- Olivia has a galaxy chocolate one and a hatchimals one

Day two// A Christmas cheer catching Puppy!

We have just watched the new (I don't know if it is new but new to us!) Elf on the shelf film where the scout Elves bring a puppy with them to the children's homes. The pups job is to collect Christmas cheer in its little barrel on his collar and take the Christmas cheer back to Santa. Santa then pours it into the jingle bells on his sleigh which makes it fly! Olivia will often now talk about the kind things she has done and says she must have Christmas cheer coming out of her heart and hopes the Elves will bring a puppy!

Day Three// Post-it-note crazy!

The Elves are going to leave lots of post-it-notes of examples of Christmas cheer and stick them everywhere!

Day Four// Elf-chat

Snap-chat filters for the elf! I thought this was a quirky idea when I saw it. You buy transparent sticky paper for your printer and then print out these snap chat filters and stick them on the Elves for a bit of fun!

Printable filters-

Day Five// Yummy Gummy Elf- with word search clue

As I mentioned earlier I wanted to do some antics that were age appropriate so i created a word search (I will add it incase you wanted to print it out and use it!) that Olivia has to complete to find the clue to a prize. The prize being a gummy Elf which I brought from "B&M"

The words to find are "look behind the television for something yummy"

Day six // Write a letter to Santa prompt

Elves bring a letter to prompt Olivia to write a letter to Santa and the address. These have to be written and posted before December 8th to get a reply

Day Seven// post letter to Santa!

Post the letter off...I also plan to maybe take a little trip into costa for a festive drink <3

Day Eight// Elf writing prompts- printable

Use one of the Elf writing prompts- they are so good and will get her imagination flowing! This one is "If I were an Elf". If your little one isn't old enough to write perhaps get them to tell you and you write it for them

Printable prompts-

Day nine// Growing ginger bread men!

This is the antic I am most looking forward to! I usually use something red as seeds and we plant them, sprinkle with glitter and then "grow" candy canes over a few days. This year I saw this brilliant one where the mum grew ginger bread men! Then whilst out shopping I saw the perfect cake decorations to use as "seeds" in little ginger bread men shapes! The day after you plant them- make their heads poked out the top, then sprinkle with more glitter and the next day have them so they are"fully grown"

Day ten// Elves playing games

An easy one- having the Elves playing O & X's with marshmallows! I will drawn little O and X's on them

Day Eleven// Fully grown ginger bread men!

The Ginger bread men have fully grown!

Day twelve// maths sum to find a number on the advent calender

I am going to write a maths sum on a chalk board and the answer will equate to a number on the advent house- the little draw will have a little sweet in it

Day thirteen// knickers on the tree

an oldie but a goodie! Knickers on the tree!

Day fourteen// Elves taking "Elfies"

As a photographer I have to do something like this! This will be a good one because it's going to link in with another day. Olivia will have to look around the house to find the Elf (she will not think to look in mummy studio first!). Elves will be in the studio using Mummy's camera to take photos of each other!

Day fifteen// Elf writing prompts

More Elf writing prompts- I tried to do these on a Saturday where she has time to do them

Day sixteen// finding Christmas sweets hiding around

Hiding/finding candy canes around the room!

Day seventeen// polaroids of the "Elfies" from day 14

I have printed some polaroid style photos of Olivia & my nieces Christmas photos and have them displayed on a little easel. I plan to do some of the Elves and have them swap my photos for their photos on the Easel (from when they were in my studio on day 14!). Olivia can them keep the photos of her Elves too which will be nice for her!

Day Eighteen// lunch is all wrapped up!

Elves wrap her lunch items in wrapping paper! This is the last day of term as well so that's why it is on this day!

Day nineteen// donate food to a food bank

This is one we do every year- the Elf prompts us to go and do some shopping and donate it all to the food bank (we go to Tesco's in Werrington). I know this year Olivia will be particularly excited as this makes a lot of Christmas cheer spring from your heart and the puppy will have lots to take back for Santa!

Day twenty// Elves make ginger bread dough

Elves have been busy in the kitchen (leaving a mess!) making ginger bread dough for Olivia to cut some shapes and bake

Day twenty one// Elf is tired of doing all the laundry!

AKA every mum

Day twenty two// Elves change ipad/phone screen savers

Elves change all the iPad and phone screen savers to silly pictures of themselves!

Twenty three// ticket granting permission to cuddle the Elves

Permission ticket brought my Santa to cuddle the Elves all day without loosing their magic as they have to go home to the North pole tomorrow :(

Twenty four// Christmas Eve Box

Elves bring the Christmas Eve box and a good bye note

And there we have it- all done until next year! I feel so organised and stress free about the Elves this year and so glad I have been able to incorporate some educational antics and some different ones to what we have already done!

I hope at least one idea helps someone out there! Share with me your ideas that are a bit different and let me know your favourite idea from the ones I have shared!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!

Emma xx


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