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Interview with "The holistic mummy"

Day 5 of sleep week! Today I have an interview with Charlie from "The holistic Mummy". Charlie sells aromatherapy products and although they aren't just for mums and babies- lots of her products are fabulous for mums and babies!

Hello Charlie- tell us more about yourself

Hi! Well I'm Charlie (obviously), I'm 30 and I live in Wiltshire with my two beautiful girls, and charming husband Joe. I grew up in the city of Bath, and moved out to the county side 6 years ago, and have been slowly working my way towards our dream life

That sounds dreamy all ready! Tell us more about “the holistic mummy” and how it all started!

The Holistic Mummy has been a bit of a whirl wind. Originally it started a few years ago as 'Holistic Hampers' creating gift sets of natural aromatherapy products. I had swapped over to natural products completely, because during both my pregnancies I used to reacted to anything else. I knew I want to share my passion, but wasn't sure how, so gift sets seemed the best way. Last spring we were surprised with a 3rd pregnancy, sadly this ended at our 12 week scan, and after surgery I took rather a massive knock to my usual happy confidence. It took a little while to come to terms with, and real strength to deal with the anxiety and depression that it set off, but I came out the other side calmer, more focused and wanting to help others, introducing 'The Holistic Mummy'!

Although I have lots of clients that aren't mummies, 90% are mums suffering with anxiety, depression, trying to come to terms with the loss of a baby or struggling to adjust to the new way of life with children. I offer the chance to talk about your struggling, and what you feel you need help with. I will try where possible to develop support products to help, whether it be with oils to help you sleep, lift your mood, or just to help calm you when things are getting a little much

I am so, so sorry to hear of your loss but I am really glad you managed to come out of the other side positive!

What is your best seller?

I have a few best sellers in different areas. My best selling support products have to be my aromatherapy rollers and crysal diffuser jewellery. They can be blended for any kind of support needed, and are so simple to use by just rolling them onto your pulse points, or adding a drop to the jewellery. I charge them with crystals too, to help encourage that extra feeling of care & love. For skincare my facial oil is the most popular. I've helped so many people discover that face oils are more nourishing than creams, and that in the long run they are actually helping to rebalance their skin

Have you always been “into” aromatherapy oils?

Always! For as long as I can remember. My mum was a real holistic mummy. She was an aromatherapist & reflexologist. She was massively into crystals & angels, so I was brought up with a very natural relaxed approach to life, using natural alternative remedies and treatments where possible. I struggled through my GSCEs due to developing ME at 15, but somehow managed to get the grades I need to go on to train in the same way, and get through all my diplomas. I have been a qualified holistic therapist for 13 years now, and my passion for aromatherapy gets stronger every year

That sounds amazing! How lovely! It is great to hear you got the qualifications you needed despite everything!

What is your favourite blend to use and what for?

That really depends on my mood haha

-If the girls are being gremlins and giving me a stress headache, Lavender, Bergamot & Ylang ylang is my saviour! It calms me, lifts my mood and eases the headache

- If I'm trying to get focused on work stuff, or getting through the housework, Peppermint & Lime gives me a real pick me up and a kick up the bum. Plus it smells like mojitos!!!

Yummy! Also sounds brilliant- I will have to try these myself!

Could you give us the recipe for your best blend that would help a newborn drift off into a nice calm sleep? (please include any safety aspects if relevant)

You have to be really careful with essential oils with new borns. I would never tell someone to try aromatherapy themselves for babies, as the dilution rate is so so strict. Their organs and systems are so immature, and you could cause real damage

What I would recommend would be a lovely calming massage before bed. I find coconut oil is the best oil to use, as it has much smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by baby's skin. There are plenty of tutorials online, if you search for baby massage on YouTube. If they are still struggling, then I would recommend speaking to a professional aromatherapist

Do you have a sleepy blend that we can just buy?

If baby massage just isn't helping enough, I usually offer an incredibly dilute combination of coconut oil and Chamomile, this can help ease them off to sleep if they are struggling, without over powering their senses or respiratory system. Once they're a bit bigger, I make a lovely calming blend of Lavender & Chamomile, which is great in a bath oil or as a bedtime massage oil

As a mum, do you have any “sleep advice” for a new mum? This is always one of those questions that seems so simple to answer for someone else, but not yourself when you're in the thick of it. Babies really do pick up on our energy, so we need to focus on calming and relaxing ourselves first. Sometimes it's easy to hide away in the early days, unwashed hair, still in our pjs, covered in goodness knows what, it's easy to turn visitor request down. Honestly, the best thing you can do is let them in! Ask them to bring something for dinner, they can have snuggles while you go for a hot shower or a soak in the bath, and then maybe curl up and watch a film before bed. The calmer you are, the calmer baby is, and the more likely they are to drift off to sleep. We also found swaddling helped, and we used a snuzpod on the side of our bed. Do you have a link where we can view all your lovely products? I'm kind of living in the dark ages with this. 'The Holistic Mummy' took off so quickly, that between that and the girls I haven't got around to a real website yet. My service is a very personal one, so clients usually message me with what they're struggling with, and we go from there. You can find me on Facebook or Instagram though. (I promise I will eventually get to making a website!) Would you like to add anything else sleep or just being a new mum related? The message I want to get out there to everyone, is that you're never alone, there is always someone there to listen, that will try to help if they can. It may seem a little out there that essential oils or crystals can make that much of a difference when you're struggling, but I have to say that all my client feedback so far has supported it. Just drop me a message, and I will always help if I can!

Thank you for all of your wisdom and advice Charlie- it has been amazing talking to you! I love your essential oil blends with the crystals in particular! Everything looks great!

Emma xx

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