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Sleep week- day 4- recommendations from other mums!

So a few months back I asked mums what their best non essential purchases were. The type of items you dont NEED but make life that little bit easier for you when you have a newborn.

For me, I would have loved to give one of those prep machines a try! I don't think they were invented when Olivia was a baby, but if I were to have another (I am not!) I would definatly get one just to see what they are like! I love the idea!

There a few sleep related items that came up over and over again

1. the sleep head pillow

Lots of mummy's recommended this one! I absolutely love the look of this too! Again, I just love the idea and I can see how this would be wonderful for babies.

If you have never seen or heard of them they are a big pillow, with edges and it cradles baby in the middle. It keeps baby feeling snug and secure. We put baby in a moses basket and forget that to us it is small, but for baby they can't feel anything around them and that is a feeling they are just not used to. I can imagine that it would help massively with starle reflex as well as they have the cushioning around them making them feel snug

Here is a quote from their website-

Sleepyhead® has been designed to offer a safe, snug and soothing environment for babies. We like to think it's the next best thing to the womb. Babies can rest, play and lounge without the restrictions of buckles or the distraction of bells and whistles.

It looks and sounds as though you can use them for many months too. They even do a bigger one if/when your baby grows out of their first one!

I will list here some of the uses for it as listed on their website-

-co sleeping

-crib transition

-bed transition

-around the house






-tummy time

This comes in at around £130 but by the sounds of the recommendations from the mums- it is worth every penny!

Buy yours of read more here-

2. My hummy

The white noise cuddle toy got lots of comments from mums too! We have learnt already in my previous post how wonderful white noise can be. It resembles the noise of what they amniotic fluid would have sounded like to baby so they find that noise very soothing and gives a noise to focus on which is relaxing for them. White noise also muffles out other noises which may make baby startle

Here is a quote taken from that FAQ section for their website-

“Even though it feels like magic, there is science behind myHummy. These unique toys emit white noise which has been shown to improve babies’ sleep. In case of newborns the likelihood of a baby falling asleep is increased three fold in response to white noise (study). Newborn babies are not used to silence. For nine months they were surrounded by a plethora of sounds: mum's heartbeat, her rumbling tummy, the muffled noise of the outside world. So they feel more at ease when provided with the right amount of background noise. Another reason, and it works just as well for older children and adults, is that white noise cancels out other sounds. Just like white light is all wavelengths of light, white noise is all frequencies of sound. It offers protection from sudden increases in the background noise, such as a slammed door or a beeping car. If you sleep in the same room as your baby, you’ll soon learn to appreciate the benefits of white noise and may find yourself sleeping better as well”

The one feature I loved about the my hummy toy was that it activates the white noise if baby starts to stir during the night! I can see this being a fantastic addition to any bed time routine!

To buy yours or read more here-

3. Next-to-me crib

This one come up a couple of times and I have to say looks brilliant too!

Here is a quote from John Lewis explaining a little more about it!

“This innovative crib from Chicco promotes side-sleeping and allows you to sleep close to your child without being in the same bed. Your child can sleep in the crib and can be cuddled and breast-fed comfortably, thanks to the dropside. It can also help newborns adjust their sleeping pattern and improve parent-child bonding, helping the child to grow up more confident and sociable. The crib can also be attached to the parent bed for co-sleeping.

Next 2 Me is also the lightest travel crib on the market, weighing just 8 kgs. The crib can travel with you everywhere thanks to the practical travel bag included. With 6 different height positions, it can be adjusted to most beds and can be used to ease reflux and congestion”

I can imagine that this is brilliant for parents with babies that do not like to be put down. I don't know who was more like that- me or Olivia. I was too scared to put her down! But with this she would have been next to me, safely, and we both would have had our own space!

I can imagine this and the sleepy head pillow, with the my hummy in their too being the ultimate dream team- excuse the pun!

Buy yours or read more here

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