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Sleep baby sleep- interview with a sleep consultant

Today is day 3 of my sleep week and I have been speaking to the wonderful Tina from "Sleep baby sleep". Tina is a sleep therapist and a maternity night nurse so a complete gem in the world of baby sleep!

During our interview will go through some of the tips she has picked up along the way to help recognise when baby is tired and ways your can help sooth baby into a nice deep sleep and form good sleep habits

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Hi Tina

I bet you get called the baby whisperer as much as me! Tell us more about your job

Yes I've been called the baby whisperer many times! My recent client seems to think I have magic powers with her baby! I'm a Maternity Night Nurse, and care for babies as soon as they return home from hospital. New parent's want to learn all they can from me, to help make the transition into parenthood that bit smoother. I've been called out for many different reasons though, ranging from Mummy being exhausted or poorly after the birth and not having any family around to help out. It could be that her husband has to work away on business, and she requires some extra support. I've helped lots of new Mothers who are suffering from Post Natal Depression, or families with twins. Other times it's simply to allow new parent's a good night of sleep especially if their baby has a medical condition such as Reflux, but most of the time it's to form good, solid, but gentle routines from the start.

Wow- it sounds like you are exactly what every new mum needs!

How did you become a sleep therapist?

I am also a sleep therapist and founded Sleep-Baby-Sleep in 2005 after being called out to a family with a 5 month old who was waking every hour throughout the night, their baby had become a very fussy feeder, taking hours to feed, and his Mother was exhausted and didn't know what was wrong. They employed me as their Nanny, and within two weeks, baby Matthew was sleeping through the night. Going to bed at 7pm and waking at 7am the next morning. He was so much happier.

Do you have children yourself?

Yes, I do. I have two children of my own and feel truly blessed with a 19 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. The 13 year gap between them has it's own challenges, but I wouldn't want it any other way!

I would love to know more about your techniques- could you share with us your top tips for helping babies to sleep?

- To help a baby sleep well, first your baby should be satisfied with their feed, and comfortable, so feeding and making sure your baby has brought up their wind would come first

- Watching and understanding your baby is essential for encouraging good, sleep habits from the start. Young babies sleepy signs can be quite subtle, and easily missed

Try not to overstimulate your new baby. Bright lights and over handling can have a negative impact on good sleep, so less is definitely more when it comes to newborn's. For the babies I care for I use repetition and consistency

- I'm also a fan of "The Cupping" technique. Try swaddling your baby, then hold them close to you, with their face towards you. Make sure you secure their head and neck with one hand and use your other hand to cup their bottom, whilst gently pushing upwards in a gentle rhythm. Tired and fractious babies love this! They will soon be like putty in your hands!

Could you give us a few examples of the sleepy signs we should watch out for?

- New babies are not yet able to rub their eyes as a sign, so look out for these;

Looking away from you and losing interest easily. General fussing and seeming to become bored easily

- A babies eyes will let you know too. Look for the stare. This is when your baby will be most sleepy but importantly, relaxed and easier to settle

- Yawning is another good cue, look out for the second yawn. Timing and observing your babies signs is everything for better sleep, and a much happier baby!

Do you have any advice for familes with older children?

- For older children my tips would be to observe them closely, and don't miss the signs of tiredness. Once a toddler becomes overtired you will have more joy getting blood from a stone than actually getting your toddler to bed! This is when the bedtime battles commence.

- Try not to drop the day time nap too early. Many parent's do this as they feel it may improve sleep, only to find that most of the time it actually makes it worse.

-Structure is your biggest friend here, and recognizing just how much your child can handle is of paramount importance.

Sleep and rest is so important- what would be your best advice to someone deliberating giving you a call?

If you are considering using my services, as a Maternity Night nurse or a sleep consultant don't delay. Contact me today!

Where can people find out more about your services?

Tina Southwood

Maternity Nurse & Sleep Consultant

Sleep Baby Sleep

Phone: 07933 748841


Why not come and join me on my Facebook Page:

Fantastic thank you so much Tina for all this wealth of knowledge from all your years experience! I am sure that these tips are going to help so many parents!

Emma xx

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