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Being a photographer that specialises in all white images- I know a thing or two about stain removal! But also being a mum I know that stain removal knowledge, THAT WORKS, is such a game changer! I no longer dread Olivia asking for a blue slush! She can throw it all down her white dress if she wanted to and I know I would be able to get that stain out!

When Olivia was a newborn, I remember all too well, the sink being full of newborn onesies hoping the stains would come out. Or when she got older the amount of bibs I would go through because they all got stained. Even now, the fight with strawberry juice down her school dresses, grass on her leggings or dinner down her white "going out" clothes

But I am here to share with you the stain removal solutions that have worked for me- and I wish I knew them when Olivia was a newborn, many a favourite onesie could have been saved!

So lets begin!

1. So first things first, if you can rinse the stain as quickly as possible, and lets be honest a bit of fairy liquid and jobs a gooden in most cases! Never rinse something in cold water- unless its blood

Things get tricky when something has left to sit for a while and the stain is more set in...

2. If it is white- bleach it! The "astonish" brand from pound shops in a green bottle that are supposed to be used for mould are the most strongest ones. I like astonish products they work SO well and have the "leaping bunny" which means they are not tested soon animals. So I will spray a bit of that on it (you do not need much!) and leave it to soak in- usually you can see it lift straight away. If it doesn't I will rinse the area in hot water and repeat with the bleach again. Rinse well and then put it in the wash to wash well

*Be sure to always rinse and wash the items VERY thoroughly after using bleach to make sure it won't irritate skin*

Side note- I do not use bleach on my white items used in the studio for newborn babies

3. If you would prefer not to use bleach bicarbonate soda in a white wash can work miracles! 2 tbsp is usually a good amount to make your whites come out bright white!

4. The absolute best strain remover I have found for coloured items or whites is the pink bottle astonish one from the pound shop. It also has the leaping bunny. This stuff is amazing. I will spray it on and leave it for a while. If it hasn't disappeared spray it again and put it in the wash- 9 times out of ten the stain will have disappeared. I have used this on- water melon juice stains, strawberry juice stains, yellow curry stains, orange sweet and sour stains, mud stains, blue slush stains, chocolate stains and loads more!

I was even brave enough to invest (yes I am using the word investment!) in a white sofa knowing I could get any marks off it with this stain remover!

5. The sun is amazing at stain remover!

Who'd have thought it?! If you leave stained clothes out in the sun- especially if they are white- the sun will remove the stain. I never believed this until I tried it for myself and it worked on Olivia's dress! The stain was black current juice of all things!

I often put my newborn blankets on the line after I have washed them to keep them bright white!

These few things cover me for everything! I will never, ever, again buy those expensive powders! They never once worked for any of Olivia's baby clothes when she was newborn!

I hope this has helped at least one new mummy out there! Newborn babies are expensive enough without having to throw out new clothes because they are "ruined" and without having to waste money on expensive remedies that do not work! But these stain removal tips will help you as they grow up too!

A few pounds spent and you are armed against all stains!

Check out the other cleaning tips and hacks over on the Astonish website!

Thank you

Emma xx

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