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Evelyn's newborn session newborn photographer Peterborough Cambridgeshire

I had photographed James for his first birthday cake smash session- so it was absolutely lovely to see him back in the studio as a big brother!

James' parents had let me know that he was keen on the idea of holding his little sister. We tried a bit of encouragement and a bit of bribery...I am not against a little bit of well placed bribery in my studio! But, he preferred not to hold baby Evelyn. Which, is absolutely fine. I am very much baby and child led in the way I work. I work with them in whatever way is most comfortable for them! I like to create images that are natural and relaxed

We started with family images- James really enjoyed pointing to Evelyn's little nose and giving me lots of smiles

newborn photographer Peterborough

I love the inquisitive natural of children- James loved looking at his little sister without the pressure of having to hold her!

She got a kiss from her big brother!

Newborn photographer Peterborough

I just love awake newborns- I don't know if it is just me but I think they look so different awake compared to when they are asleep! I think they give such a variety to their gallery!

And the cute crossed eyed faces are just adorable and always one for the photo album!

Whilst Evelyn had a feed it was lovely to capture some natural shots of James and Daddy having fun and giggling

Once Evelyn decided she was due a sleep I start my posing work flow- gently moving the baby into poses that accentuate just how newborn they are! I love incorporating a little bit of lace and pretty delicate headbands for baby girls!

And of course, during every session, I love to take pictures of the details. I just love baby feet- I think everyone does! Their flakey skin is often seen as an imperfection but I honestly think it just shows their newborn-ness beautifully!

I loved this one showing the bottom of Evelyn's foot as well as the toes!

I hope you enjoyed looking through few of my favourites from Evelyn's newborn session!

If you are interested in having a newborn session in Peterborough do feel free to take a look through my portfolio on my website and give me a message if there are any questions you have!

To view my newborn portfolio click here

Emma xx

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