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What if my newborn doesn't sleep! Newborn Photographer Peterborough Cambridgeshire

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Well all newborn baby's do is sleep- don't they!? Mostly, yes. But I always find that at some stage during the session the baby will have an awake period- and I love it! I think it makes for the best gallery! I think babies look SO different awake compared to when they are asleep! They always have the most glossy blue eyes!

It is natural to worry that your baby won't sleep- especially when most of the newborn images you see are of sleeping babies. Most babies sleep, some babies have an awake period and a few babies like to be awake the whole session! We can still achieve a beautiful gallery no matter what!

I would love to share some of the awake newborn images I have captured during my sessions. I am fully prepared for the awake period during your baby's session. Capturing memories of your baby is the purpose of your session and I will do so, whether they are awake or asleep! The awake photographs also make from some great collages of different facial expressions!

The crosse eyed ones always makes a good one for the photo album!

Here are some other adorable awake newborn images I have taken!

I have several different techniques I use in the studio to soothe baby into a nice sleep, but if they are awake and happy we can still achieve a beautiful gallery!

To view the different things I do during my newborn sessions to help baby to sleep visit this blog post

Emma xx

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