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Thank you for coming to find out more about me, your photographer, at Olivia Rose Images!

Many people will think my name is Olivia, but it's Emma. I named my business after my daughter- Miss Olivia Rose! She is 7 and full of sass, back chat, humour and kindness

To be honest, I never intended to be a photographer! I always wanted to be a nurse or a teacher! But I really didn't want to go to Uni. I love learning and writing so the studying wasn't an issue but I have always been so shy and I think uni would have overwhelmed me!

So I got a job as a carer and I loved that, I mean, really loved that. But after maternity leave I didn't want to leave Olivia- as I am sure most mums can relate to!


To cut a long story short I had seen one of the lady's I looked after doing some crochet. I was too shy to ask her if she could teach me so I went to the library and got lots of books and taught myself. I made Olivia all kinds of bits when I was pregnant! I wanted to sell crochet hats on etsy. I needed some nice photos of them being modeled on babies and my uncle suggested I borrowed his camera to take some. I did, and no one asked me for a hat, but quite a few people asked me to do photos of their children! Newborn photography is always the genre that felt the most natural to me so I spent months studying and learning everything I could online. You may know yourself when you find something you enjoy and can do nothing but eat, sleep and breathe your new found passion!

I truly am so grateful to everyone that trusted me with their newborn babies- especially in those early days!

So that is how I got into photography

Here is a little more about me....

I could go on forever telling you all the things I love to do and all my how I love to tell Olivia that oil stains on the roads are fallen rainbows!

But, for now, I hope that you have found it interesting to know a little more about me! If you want to ask me anything about my work, a session, how I take my tea*, anything at all- get in touch!

In the mean time, I will look forward to getting to know you more!



*FYI I don't drink tea anymore, I take flavoured beanies one if theres one going! ;)

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