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Feature Friday- Jade- Scentsy consultant

Hello and welcome to my first feature Friday! I am pleased to introduce you to the lovely Jade who is a consultant for scentsy. I have been using Scentsy products ever since my freak fire accident- I love the products and I just know you will do too!

I couldn't be a newborn photographer and not have this wax bar-

If you haven't heard about Scentsy products before or would like to find out more- read my interview with Jade and find out more!

Heya Jade, tell me some more about yourself!

My names Jade I have 3 children 10, 9 and 10 months. I love all things scented ! I've always been a fan of wax melts ,candles , scented cleaning products and nice smelling laundry products! I had been watching a Scentsy Consultants posts for a while and slowly fell in love with the products. I made my first order and I was hooked !

So what do you sell?

Scentsy is a family friendly brand, our warmers have no flame , no wick and no soot. The wax is non toxic and is warmed with a warming plate not burned so does not get too hot too touch and won’t burn you. We sell a variety of kids products ,wax warmers ,wax , laundry items and scented goods. Most recently we have launched Bath Balls in the uk!

My scentsy journey has been amazing so far I now have so many beautiful warmers and kids products, laundry products and a huge collection of wax bars! I really couldn’t see myself ever buying from anywhere else now!

The beautiful range of kids products too are amazing, my youngest daughters favourite toy is her new best friend Meeka the Monkey who goes everywhere with her. She’s scented with Jammy Time which helps her sleep (an added bonus!)

This is my warmer- I love it, it compliments every room in my house! Modern, pretty and white!

It is wonderful that the warmers and wax are safe for kids and pets!

A massive selling point for me was safety. Now with a young baby on the move I no longer wanted candles or harsh chemicals in the house. The wax is so safe you can dip your finger in and it can’t burn you as it warms at a low temperature. Also Scentsy isn’t tested on animals! (cue little cheer from me!)

Sounds amazing Jade! As you know, I was involved in a freak fire incident involving candles and will not use candles anymore. For mums with young children who love a gorgeous smelling house I can imagine this is music to every parents ears! I bet it is so popular!

My little business is soaring I’m being paid more than I ever imagined and I have my own team. Joining Scentsy is one of the best things I’ve ever done

What made you join as a consultant?

I decided to join as a consultant as even if I didn’t sell much I could feed my Scentsy addiction!

HOWEVER- In the month of May in my division I was Top seller, Top Sponsor, got a double promotion and got the highest recorded sales!

WOW that is absolutely amazing! Well done Jade! Where can everyone go to find out more about your products?

Here is my online catalogue you can find the full range of products including wax warmers, wax bars, laundry items, scented goods and kids products!

And here is a link to my Facebook group where you can come and join other Scentsy fans (I am a member of this group and it is fantastic!)

Last Question but the toughest! What are your top 5 favourite scents? I love- amazon rain, Jammy time, Just Breathe, lets get punchy and Vanilla with sweet pea. In that order!

Tough one! But ok, My top 5 are-

Strawberry Swirl, Give me Passion flower, Accidentally in Love, Let’s get Punchy and Jammy Time!

Wonderful- it has been great chatting with you for my first feature Friday! I love your products!

Emma xx

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